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Ethical Advantage
We perform the duties of a ship chandler in full accordance with all laws of the Egyptian and with highest ethical principles. We adhere strictly to the best marine practices and standards.

  • We perform professional responsibilities with diligence and honesty.
  • We refrain from any activities that might constitute a conflict of interest, or otherwise damage the reputation of our company.
  • We strongly decline to indulge in any practice that is aimed at deceiving or misleading purchasers by advertising, labeling or billing in quantity, size or weight.
    We do not substitute one product for another, where such substitution might deceive or mislead a purchaser.
  • We never publish a price list that might deceive or mislead a purchaser.
    We never issue an invoice or similar document that might deceive or mislead a purchaser.
  • We do not conspire with other ship chandlers to fix or maintain the price of goods, or otherwise restrain trade.
  • We maintain appropriate confidentiality of sensitive information encountered in the course of professional activities.
Professional Advantage

We have full expertise backed by years of complaint free trading with all laws related to export documentation and ship supply goods. We know the ship supply business. We know what quality and cost value ships need.


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