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Our experienced staff is willing to serve you 24 hours a day, they also can assist you in developing new markets and our Door to Door service assures that your goods will be in place in time. We value our customers and believe in building good customer relations.

At EASYWAY™ we make sure that our organization has the ability to act quickly on all your requests for freight forwarding.

We aim to facilitate our clients by taking away the stress that comes with movement of freight so they save time to concentrate on their products so that the customer is always served best. Our services includes:

We provide air transport into and back from the lodge. Call for pricing and availability.
Air Freight

The company distinguished in the speedy way of clearance for the incoming equipments for these company's due 24 hour from arriving moment & working through the night shifts & days of official vacations in appreciations of the company's needs for the equipments that incoming for it by the air ways.

EASYWAY™ is one of the most reliable and efficient cargo forwarders in Egypt .we use the services of carefully selected carriers to link all the centers of industry to make sure of the careful handling of the goods. Our clients can enjoy the shortest closing time possible.

Our door-to-door service saves a lot of effort and risk for our clients in airfreight.

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Save with Sea shipping - Call us for details.

Sea Freight

Through our agents network who are located near or directly at the most important ports worldwide, Misr Marine provides you the opportunity to work with one company for all your vendor assembly, importing, exporting, clearance and delivery needs.

As experts in sea freight, we select the most reliable timely shipping companies to assure safely and in time freight. However our partner at the port of destination will complete all the formalities and deliver your cargo to the recipient’s warehouses.

Whether you are looking for Full-Container Load (FCL), Less Container Load (LCL) we can handle all of your shipping needs anywhere in the world.

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We offer trucking services for both domestic and ocean freight.

Trucking Delivery

Custom clearance for the carving equipments that comes through all the land ports loaded on Trucks from outside Egypt & also the Transportations devices for the petroleum companies.

We are special in transporting the equipments that have an over dimensions it's weight more than 200 Ton & getting all the enouncements for it. We have where house for the speedy unload from the vehicles & Transport to the sites.

We can rent the elevating equipments like:
- A heavy load Winches, Clarks inside the fields of the petroleum companies.
- Liquidations customhouse for the petroleum companies with the customhouse.


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